We’re on a Mission

to provide critical competitive intelligence


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What We Are

Anquiro provides location based businesses with mission critical news of incoming competitors, where they plan to locate and when they plan to open, in time to implement strategies to protect their profits.

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How We Do It

We search all local government web sites, news and social media, for any signs that competitors are seeking permission to enter a new community and report our findings to our subscribers.

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Why It’s Valuable

Location based businesses can lose 30 % of revenues and more than half their gross profits if faced with new competitor(s) without having implemented strategic plans to protect themselves and our approach is the first use a document based, scalable system that does not depend on local relationships or word of mouth.

Our Product

Competitor First Alert (CFA)

Proprietary software built to search all government web sites for signs of new competitors.
Currently searches more than 18,000 governments
CFA database now contains more than 23 million searchable documents – adding 100,000+/day. New local, state, federal, and private websites are added regularly.


step 1

Client gives CFA names of competitors and states to be searched.


step 2

CFA runs a monthly search of the database for indications that a new business that meets client’s criteria, is about to move into a community where it would affect client’s current location profits.

CFA uses its growing bank of information on architects, contractors, LLC corporations and other names to make less than obvious connections between permit applications and names of actual end users.

Searches are also run on local news media sites, some private sites and across social media platforms seeking additional information.


step 3

When search is complete, report is generated on sortable excel spread sheet and emailed to client

The report lists:
  • Name of incoming company
  • Street address
  • GPS coordinates.
  • Project’s current place in government approval process – planning board
  • Project’s status – public hearing scheduled or building permit issued
  • Projected opening date if known.
  • Changes since previous report including new locations and status changes.